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I believe the way to happiness is not through others but through yourself. Just an hour of fitness brings that kind of focus to construct a better you to be happier and more resilient you.
My aim? To get people to fall in love with the feeling of what exercise brings you. So, here's a little additional info about me!

  • I’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years.
  • Prior to that experience, I was an athlete in all sorts of sports. I never could pick just one.
  • I found that moving my body in any way is my obsession.
  • In 2005 I graduated high school and made the move to Lincoln Memorial University where I was an athletic training, kinesiology and sports conditioning as a focus.
  • After gathering lots of clinical experience and administrative I graduated and continued to gather additional certifications along my journey of being a Trainer.
  • I have enjoyed great success in training athletes, to nonathletes. No matter the diversity of clients I have experience, I understand that technique, regular observation, extra push and for filling daily goals is important for getting a client to personal achievement.
  • There are many ways to workout. My goal is to help you set the correct path for you.


No contracts. No hassle. Just commitment to a better you.

Singles Training
Duration varies

1 Hr - $50.00 • 1/2 Hr $35.00
Package Deals Available on 1/2 Hr and
1 Hr Sessions!
Couples Training
1 Hr - $50.00 • 1/2 Hr - $35.00

1/2 Hr Hard and Heavy
Weights 30 mins of hard training

Group Training
1 Hr - Price varies

Groups of three on up to 10

"All I want to do is make training an affordable experience that actually gets you real results"

Heres what my clients are saying

My recent clients


I cannot say enough about the amazing experience it was to have Alana as my traina through my weight loss endeavour..

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Late in the summer of 2015 I decided to switch gyms. This new gym offered a free training session, so I met Alana. I had no intentions of ever buying any training, but I got bit by the bug and fell in love with it..

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With Alana’s guidance, I now focus on eating the right foods and being strong. I am extremely pleased with the results of our training..

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My Location
I’m located in north Knoxville, Tennessee.
The gym - Frankies Body shop is just that ….a body shop!
It's a personal training studio for contracted personal trainers to exercise their clients. We take pride being one of Knoxville's local businesses being run by a local family and local contracted trainers.